Reflecting on the Introductory Topic

On ‘Digital Visitors and Residents’

Upon reflecting on my previous blog post I believe that I have gained a better understanding of my own use of digital technologies. Beginning with the digital self-test made me aware that my digital literacy was not up to the standard which Prensky (2001) would expect of a ‘digital native’ that grew up around technology. To analyse the results of my digital self-test, using the typology of Digital Visitors and Residents (White and Cornu, 2011) has allowed me to place myself on a continuum that has informed me of why my digital literacy experience is low. The use of the mapping process and looking at the other blogs for UOSM has allowed me to also compare my usage and confirm my understanding of what it means to be a resident over a visitor. I have found that I am mostly a visitor, which is not effective in practicing the two skills of creating and maintaining an online presence and building an online network.

Understanding through discussion

The comments given to me by Xavier, Megan and Stefan have allowed me to look deeper into my usage of digital technologies through asking ‘why?’ I mapped my usage as I did. Through discussion it informed me to think about temporal nature of the mapping process and how the mapping process would have to be done regularly as shifting between being a visitor and a resident on platforms is a common practice.

Improving Digital Skills

slides of a pitch deck-1One of my lowest scores on the digital literacy self-test was the creating my own graphics, maintaining an online presence and building an online network. Throughout my time doing UOSM2008 and in the future I wish to get better at using Canva/Piktochart needed to make info graphics and presentations and potentially trying to make video. I am currently looking into how to maintain a professional online presence using Twitter and will update my LinkedIn to try and develop these skills throughout the module.

Comment posted on: Xavier’s Blog

Comment posted on: Megan’s Blog

Word count: 315


Prensky, M. (2001) ‘Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants Part 1’. On the Horizon, 9(5).

White, D. S. and Cornu, A. L. (2011). ‘Visitors and Residents: A new typology for online engagement.’ First Monday16(9).


                                                                              Created using Canva (Luke Gibbins 2018)


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